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Month: July, 2012

Read — 2012/07/27

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. A Silent Healer” (The Economist).
  2. A Climate and Energy Stalemate“, by John Broder (NY Times).
  3. Money for Nothing“, by Paul Krugman (NY Times).
  4. Bollywood Star Remakes Himself into TV Conscience“, by Vikas Bajaj (NY Times).
  5. Changes in the Forecast“, by M.D. (The Economist).
  6. The Olympic Contradiction“, by David Brooks (NY Times).

Read — 2012/07/26

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Severe Drought Seen as Driving Cost of Food Up“, by Annie Lowrey and Ron Nixon (NY Times).
  2. Obama Delivers Defense of His Policy Efforts“, by Helene Cooper (NY Times). Obama toots his own horn on the fund-raising trail, playing theme and variation on the affordability of higher education and health care. Heart-wrenching yet laudable was Obama’s admission, in reference to the Aurora tragedy, that “when a child opens fire on another child, there’s a hole in that child’s heart that government can’t fill”.
  3. When Beauty Fades“, by Ruth La Ferla (NY Times). Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’s documentary “About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now” captures the challenges and anxiety models face each day, during and after their beauty-based careers.
  4. Types of Cherries, on Sweet site about cherry varieties!

Read — 2012/07/25

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Fed Leaning Closer to New Stimulus if No Growth Is Seen“, by Binyamin Appelbaum (NY Times). A peek at the growing pressure inside the U.S. Federal Reserve to take further stimulus measures, and what QE3 might look like.
  2. Court’s Ruling May Blunt Reach of the Health Law“, by Robert Pear (NY Times). A summary of the CBO’s predicted impact the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding most of the Affordable Care Act will have on the number of uninsured Americans and related cost estimates.
  3. He’s Got a Ticket to Ride” (The Economist). An overview of Republican presidential candidate (to-be) Mitt Romney’s overseas visits, his attacks on Obama’s foreign relations record, and his own still-vague foreign policy stances.
  4. The Importance of Being Happy“, by D.K. (The Economist). Results from the first “National Well-Being Report” in Britain, a measure of “how people think and feel about their own lives”. The report is meant to provide insight not captured by conventional measures like GDP. And, as the article reveals, is based on four highly probing questions. Let’s check back in a couple decades for the results of the suggested regression of happiness on GDP.
  5. Research Funding: Should public money finance applied research?” (The Economist). Online poll with expert opinions arguing both sides.

Read — 2012/07/24

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Territorial Claims in South China Sea” (NY Times). A mildly interactive map illustrating competing country claims in the region. Of note is that China and Vietnam appear to have the most overlap of territorial claims.
  2. Silicon Valley Says Step Away from the Device“, by Matt Richtel (NY Times). An article with words of warning about, and remedies for, the addictive potential of internet and networking technologies — from the mouths of their creators. Raises the interesting question, “Do sites and games have any paternalistic responsibility to warn users about or discourage users from overuse?”
  3. Penalty for Rule-Breaking Bicyclists: A Remedial Class“, by J. David Goodman (NY Times). A look into Manhattan’s still-evolving attempt to put the brakes on “dangerous riding”.

Read — 2012/07/23

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Spanish Panic“, by R.D. (The Economist). A short update on the continuing saga of Spain’s financial woes.
  2. The Stylish Side of China“, by Christine Haughney and Jonathan Landreth. An article on the manner and profits of fashion magazines in China.

Read — 2012/07/22

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. The Wedding Effect“, by Maggie Shipstead (NY Times). A humourous, introspective look at a single’s rapport with marriage as friends tie the knot and the biological clock keeps tick-tick-ticking.
  2. Philosophic Clash over Government’s Role Highlights Parties’ Divide“, by Peter Baker (NY Times). Using the President’s recent incendiary comment on whom to credit for business creation, this article claims to explore a “fundamental difference” between Obama and Romney, community achievement and individual effort.
  3. Economist Debates: Euro Debt — Should the euro zone’s debt be mutualised?” (The Economist). A gateway page for two expert, opposing opinions on the question, and the readership’s response.

Read — 2012/07/19

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. As China Talks of Change, Fear Rises on the Risks“, by Michael Wines (NY Times).
  2. Top Universities Test the Online Appeal of Free“, by Richard Pérez-Peña (NY Times).
  3. Knicks Make It Official: Lin Is Gone“, by Howard Beck (NY Times).
  4. A Bone Here, a Bead There: On the Trail of Human Origins“, by John Noble Wilford (NY Times).
  5. Footprints to Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Are Seen in Gait“, by Pam Belluck (NY Times).

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