Read — 2012/07/24

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Territorial Claims in South China Sea” (NY Times). A mildly interactive map illustrating competing country claims in the region. Of note is that China and Vietnam appear to have the most overlap of territorial claims.
  2. Silicon Valley Says Step Away from the Device“, by Matt Richtel (NY Times). An article with words of warning about, and remedies for, the addictive potential of internet and networking technologies — from the mouths of their creators. Raises the interesting question, “Do sites and games have any paternalistic responsibility to warn users about or discourage users from overuse?”
  3. Penalty for Rule-Breaking Bicyclists: A Remedial Class“, by J. David Goodman (NY Times). A look into Manhattan’s still-evolving attempt to put the brakes on “dangerous riding”.