Read — 2012/08/22

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Guide for the Perplexed“, by David Brooks (NY Times). I guess this is what happens when Joe Nocera takes the day off: The Republican presidential ticket gets endorsed by the NY Times. Seriously, though, Brooks isn’t afraid to admit that “[e]ntitlement spending is crowding out spending on investments in our children and on infrastructure”. I guess we’ll each have to decide whether we buy his assertion that “[t]he first priority in this election is to get a leader who can get Medicare costs under control”.
  2. What the G.O.P. Platform Represents“, by the editors (NY Times).
  3. Celebrate the Farmer!“, by Mark Bittman (NY Times).
  4. You Plan, I’ll Cook: Leaving the Menu to Others“, by Jane Black (NY Times).
  5. Bicycle Lanes Draw Wide Support among New Yorkers, Survey Finds“, by Michael Grynbaum and Marjorie Connelly (NY Times).
  6. Two Years in Prison as a Compromise“, by J.Y. (The Economist). I was shocked to read that “[t]he court’s psychological examination found the women of Pussy Riot to be suffering from ‘a proactive approach to life’ and ‘a drive for self-fulfillment'”. By this logic, many of the most successful members of society are working their way to a two-year labor-camp sentence.
  7. Asylum for Assange” (The Economist). A summary of the Assange intrigue, to date.
  8. Anonymous 4 (Wikipedia).