Read — 2012/09/07

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Study Shows Why Lawyers Are So Smart“, by Sam Favate (Wall Street Journal). Reports findings from UC Berkeley researchers that studying for the LSAT can change the way you think and make you smarter. More generally, the findings suggest that “brain pathways important for thinking and reasoning remain plastic in adulthood”.
  2. Tricks from the Elderly to Stop Worrying“, by Shirley W. Wang (Wall Street Journal). Go easy on yourself, focus on the present, think happy thoughts.
  3. Self-Help for Skeptics“, by Elizabeth Bernstein (Wall Street Journal). I like the password suggestion, especially after having been apprised that it is the length, not the number of random symbols, that makes a password hard to crack. Just make sure you’re message isn’t a commonly used (and hence easily guessed) phrase!
  4. Tennis Double-Faults on Statistics“, by Carl Bialik (Wall Street Journal). 140% of services won? Not bad, even for Federer.