Read — 2012/09/18

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Suggestions of a Married Jesus“, by B. D. Colen (Harvard Gazette).
  2. Maskin Named University Professor” (Harvard Gazette).
  3. In Car Country, Obama Trumpets China Trade Case“, by Mark Landler (NY Times).
  4. One Day, Growing Spare Parts inside the Body“, by Henry Fountain (NY Times). Never Let Me Go, anyone?
  5. A Possible Breakthrough in Explaining a Mathematical Riddle“, by Kenneth Chang (NY Times). An admittedly coarse discussion of a recently posted set of papers on the abc conjecture.
  6. How to Fix the Schools“, by Joe Nocera (NY Times). The article notes that (i) American teachers are undertrained on average (in teacher education, “we neither emphasize pedagogy…nor demand mastery of the subject matter”), and (ii) American society does not respect teaching as a profession. Both points ring true. The question remains, how do we address these shortcomings?
  7. Look How Far We’ve Come Apart“, by Jonathan Haidt and Marc J. Hetherington (NY Times). Lovely if lengthy article associating the increasing political polarization in America with three graphs: (1) increasing divisions within Congress, (2) increasing distrust between members of opposing political parties, and (3) increasing distrust of government. Data suggest that Republicans trust government during a Republican presidency but not during a Democratic one (thus conflating, rightly or wrongly, “government” with “presidency”). P.S. Love the title.