A brief gallivant about the marketplace of ideas.

Month: December, 2012

Read — 2012/12/27

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. The Science Behind Persuading People“, by Parminder Bahra (The Wall Street Journal). Four observations: (1) Tap into social norms. (2) Make others feel they owe you something. (3) Frame choice in terms of (potential) loss. (4) Identify common ground.
  2. Fashion’s Most Influential Moments“, by Christina Binkley (The Wall Street Journal). Fashion photos and commentary from the year 2012.
  3. The Hidden Revolution in Online Learning“, by Lewis M. Andrews (The Wall Street Journal). How online learning might liberate American higher education from its bondage to the liberal élite. Discussed are blended learning, comments by John Mitchell (Stanford’s provost of online learning) on the diverging tracks of applied fields versus the humanities, and the prophecy by Udacity co-founder David Stavens that the best teachers will be “compensated like a TV actor or movie actor”. As a society, we should seek to harness rather than passively react to online learning’s great potential, asking ourselves, “What do we want American education to look like, and how can we use online learning to get us there?” (Note: Socrates was killed in 399 B.C.)
  4. New Japan Premier Pushes for Fast Results“, by George Nishiyama, Alexander Martin, and Phred Dvorak (The Wall Street Journal). Shinzo Abe steps back into the premiership, promising government financial stimulus, a weaker yen, higher inflation targets, and improved relations with the U.S.
  5. Branson Becomes Face of U.K. Health Flap“, by Jeanne Whalen (The Wall Street Journal). Resistance to further privatisation of the U.K. NHS has a new face. Does the market mechanism have something to offer the health care industry?

Read — 2012/12/26

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. A Smarter Way to Discipline Children“, by Andrea Petersen (The Wall Street Journal). Among the pearls of wisdom offered are (i) figure out what behavior you want to see in your children, then praise them (commensurately) when you see it; (ii) discipline become harder around age 10, so start early; and (iii) overly logical and overly physical reprimands don’t work.
  2. A Doctor’s Posthumous Vindication“, by Harvey Silvergate (The Wall Street Journal). A cautionary tale illustrating the medical minefield of FDA approvals, patient trial treatments, manufacturer payments, and doctor recommendations.
  3. Hungering for a Solution to Food Losses“, by Anna Lappé and Danielle Nierenberg (The Wall Street Journal). 1.3 billion tons — the amount of food wasted each year. How to reduce loss and effectively transport excess?

Read — 2012/12/19

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. F.T.C. Opens an Inquiry into Data Brokers“, by Natasha Singer (NY Times).
  2. House Renewal Takes Shape” (Harvard Alumni News).