Read — 2012/12/26

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. A Smarter Way to Discipline Children“, by Andrea Petersen (The Wall Street Journal). Among the pearls of wisdom offered are (i) figure out what behavior you want to see in your children, then praise them (commensurately) when you see it; (ii) discipline become harder around age 10, so start early; and (iii) overly logical and overly physical reprimands don’t work.
  2. A Doctor’s Posthumous Vindication“, by Harvey Silvergate (The Wall Street Journal). A cautionary tale illustrating the medical minefield of FDA approvals, patient trial treatments, manufacturer payments, and doctor recommendations.
  3. Hungering for a Solution to Food Losses“, by Anna Lappé and Danielle Nierenberg (The Wall Street Journal). 1.3 billion tons — the amount of food wasted each year. How to reduce loss and effectively transport excess?