Read — 2013/02/20

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Justices Take Case on Overall Limit to Political Donations“, by Adam Liptak (NY Times).
  2. Fast New Test Could Help Find Leprosy before Damage Is Lasting“, by Donald G. McNeil, Jr. (NY Times).
  3. Dissecting a Trailer: The Parts of the Film that Make the Cut“, by Shan Carter, Amanda Cox, and Mike Bostock (NY Times). A sleek case study and presentation of whence in the actual film trailer clips come. Note the difference in clip length used in the French-film trailer versus those in the American-film trailers listed.
  4. Glenn Orbits Earth 3 Times Safely“, by Richard Witkin (NY Times, 20 Feb 1962). Also, Happy Birthday USPS! May your 221st birthday mark the year your financial hemorrhaging ceased!