Read — 2013/02/21

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Iceland Looks to Export Power Bubbling from Below“, by Andrew Higgins (NY Times).
  2. Survey Finds that Fish Are Often Not What Label Says“, by Kirk Johnson (NY Times). “[A]bout one-third of the 1,215 fish samples bought…were mislabeld”. The culprits (or the duped, depending on your level of cynicism): “sushi bars topped the list [of places where fish were most likely to be misled] in ever city…while grocery stores were most likely to be selling fish honestly”. One of the study’s leading researchers cites “economic gain at the consumer’s expense, with understudy fish…often substituting for a menu’s star”. Looks like the cynics have it.
  3. Johnnie Won’t Walk Out” (The Economist). A report on the “special relation” between Scotch-whisky makers and EU markets.
  4. Commercially Creative“, by Cathy Horyn (NY Times). Another intriguing photo from London-based designer Emilia Wickstead.
  5. The Literary World of the Simpsons“. A short list of humorous authorial appearances.
  6. Malcolm X Shot to Death at Rally Here“, by Theodore Jones (NY Times, 21 Feb 195). A few days before his assassination, Malcolm X said the following about his past involvement with the Black Muslims, “I feel like a man who has been asleep somewhat and under someone else’s control. I feel what I’m thinking and saying now is for myself. “