Read — 2013/02/22

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. The Ever-Receding Recovery“, by P.W. (The Economist). The EU’s economic woes worsen.
  2. A Titan’s How-To on Breaking the Glass Ceiling“, by Jodi Kantor (NY Times).
  3. The Carpetbagger’s 2013 Oscar Predictions“, by Melina Ryzik (NY Times).
  4. A Front-Row Seat via Video“, by Stephanie Clifford (NY Times).
  5. I Am Michiko Kakutani“, by Colin McEnroe. Searched for “Kakutani” instead of “Kakutani’s fixed-point theorem” and somehow wound up here. On the eve of Spring Break, made me wish I were back in college getting a fictional classmate through Constitutional Law. Warning: This essay contains material that some would call “inappropriate” and others would call “not everyone’s cup of tea”.
  6. U.S. Defeats Soviet Squad in Olympic History by 4-3“, by Gerald Eskenazi (NY Times, 22 Feb 1980).