Read — 2013/02/26

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Head Start for All“, by the editors (Wall Street Journal). A call to carefully examine the research supporting universal preschool education, as well as the education’s costs versus benefits. Given that childhood environment plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s values, dreams, and expectations, perhaps the answer to “failing” early-education programs is not to abandon them, but rather to focus the money on educational aspects that research suggests are more useful (home visits [such as occur in Japan; apparently such visits are a part of the Head Start program], nutrition, etc.), on making personal connections and encouraging fostering communities, in school and at home. In short, fostering a society that values education, a community that enhances it, and individuals that not only believe but illustrate its power to improve.
  2. How Not to Fight Discrimination“, by Roger Clegg (Wall Street Journal). An argument against the disparate-impact benchmark.
  3. Male Nurses Earn More“, by Ben Casselman (Wall Street Journal). And kindly enough, the WSJ provides us with an opportunity to judge the usefulness of the disparate-impact approach.
  4. New Push for Early Testing, Treatment for Dementia“, by Laura Landro (Wall Street Journal).
  5. More on Those Punks and Slobs“, by Cathy Horyn (NY Times). Horyn pens some brief reflections on Versace and Prada.
  6. We Paid for the Research, So Let’s See It“, by the editors (NY Times). Are scholarly research articles private or public goods?
  7. The Owl Comes into Its Own“, by Natalie Angier (NY Times). Interesting facts about owl altruism, communication, flight, and hearing. And kudos to Ms Angier for her shout-out to Edward Lear.