Read — 2013/02/27

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. China Seeks to Boost Health Care in Lagging Rural Areas“, by Laurie Burkitt (Wall Street Journal). China encourages doctors to serve the non-citydwellers.
  2. The Unhappy Hookah“, by Merlyn A. Griffiths (Wall Street Journal). Debunking the myth that hookahs are healthier and less addictive than cigarettes. Hookah smoking is seen as a relaxing social activity, more shared than individuals standing in a circle taking drags of personal cigarettes. I guess the hope is that an effective campaign revealing the facts about hookah health will dissuade young people from this recreational activity.
  3. Desperate Hunt for Day Care in Japan“, by Hiroko Tabuchi (NY Times). Add “finding childcare” to the list of obstacles working women must overcome. Interesting statistic: “Almost 70 percent of Japan’s social welfare spending is directed at people 65 or older, while less than 4 percent supports children and families”.
  4. Home, Where the Fizz Is“, by Julia Moskin (NY Times). Quick poll: Which is more fun to hack, cell phones or soda-making machines?
  5. Gay Couples Face a Mixed Geography of Marriage“, by Kirk Johnson (NY Times).
  6. How Same-Sex Marriage Came to Be“, by Michael J. Klarman (Harvard Magazine).
  7. Online Evolution Accelerates” (Harvard Magazine). Developments present and yet-to-come in online education.
  8. Cheating the Reaper“, by Erin O’Donnell (Harvard Magazine). Take your pick: Brisk walk 150 minutes a week, or twice the exertion in half the time. But get out there and move!