Read — 2013/02/28

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. The Rise of the Well-Dressed Man“, by Guy Trebay (NY Times). A delightful romp of words concerning the average Joe’s fashion sense (name chosen intentionally). Memorable quote: “Chic is nothing. But it’s the right nothing.” (Patrick Kinmonth)
  2. Prada Goes with Her Feelings“, by Cathy Horyn (NY Times).
  3. World-Class Poverty“, by S.C. (The Economist). “[A] rare example of China’s government being treated unfairly by its own mouthpiece”. See the related article “Life at the Bottom of the Middle Kingdom“, by S.C. (The Economist, 2 Dec 2011).
  4. Our Debt, Ourselves“, by Robert M. Solow (NY Times). Six facts about the national debt from a Nobel laureate.
  5. White House Counts on G.O.P. to Bend as Cuts’ Effects Are Felt“, by Michael D. Shear (NY Times). Warning: The picture this article paints has been known to induce nausea, distaste, and in extreme cases, vomiting. “[Obama] has used the White House political machinery to raise public anxiety about the budget cuts, called sequestration…and to ensure that Republicans are blamed”…”there are not even meetings scheduled until one between Mr. Obama and Congressional leadership on Friday, the day the cuts are to go into effect”…”Strategists for Mr. Boehner believe that Republicans have been successful in branding the cuts as Mr. Obama’s idea”. Dear Washington: You are playing with people’s lives, not The Sims; this is a country, not a theatre. Please stand for principles and the people.
  6. Amateur Stargazing with a GPS Tour Guide“, by Kit Eaton (NY Times).
  7. Van Cliburn, Cold War Musical Envoy, Dies at 78“, by Anthony Tommasini (NY Times). N.B. The man was a classical pianist, not a musical envoy.
  8. Our Plan to Eradicate Polio“, by Michael Bloomberg & Bill Gates (Wall Street Journal). Two billionaires join forces to rid the world — developing and developed — of poliomyelitis.
  9. The Business Case for Healthier Food Options“, by Michelle Obama (Wall Street Journal). The First Lady’s case for why healthy food is a win-win.