Read — 2013/03/07

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Endangered or Not, but at Least No Longer Waiting“, by Michael Wines (NY Times). Humans aren’t the only ones who are forced to wait inordinately long for Washington to make up its mind.
  2. Clothes Worthy of their Label“, by Cathy Horyn (NY Times). A plea to avoid the abuse of branding, an appeal to focus on the clothes and not the labels. In short, a cri de coeur for designers to commit to the quality and creative expression of well-defined values: “You knew it was Hermès, because Hermès is supposed to be about good taste, and here was the modern expression of it.”
  3. Baby WERQ: Kiernan Shipka” (Tom & Lorenzo, 25 Jan 2013). For you Mad Men fans out there; I stumbled across this just now. Not sure if the final line is entirely accurate, but priceless nevertheless.