Read — 2013/03/21

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Cell Therapy Shows Promise for Acute Type of Leukemia“, by Denise Grady (NY Times). An experimental cell-therapy shows great promise in the battle against cancer.
  2. The Face of Future Health Care“, by Reed Abelson (NY Times). The future may be holistic centrally coordinated care, “medical homes”, and extensive use of electronic records and information technology.
  3. Young Opponents of Gay Marriage Undaunted by Battle Ahead“, by Ashley Parker (NY Times). Same-sex marriage: an issue about equal rights or sexual complementarity?
  4. Current Laws May Offer Little Shield against Drones, Senators Are Told“, by Matthew L. Wald (NY Times).
  5. New Reasons to Change Light Bulbs“, by David Pogue (NY Times). LED bulbs last 25,000 light hours (about 25 times as long as incandescent bulbs) and convert 60% of electricity into light (compared to 5-10% for incandescent bulbs). An intriguing article, less-than-brilliant puns notwithstanding.
  6. Boys’ Club: Spring’s New Haricut“, by Bee-Shyuan Chang (NY Times). Short hair? “[I]t’s for everybody.”

Happy (Old Style) birthday J.S. Bach!