Read — 2013/03/01

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. The Dispiriting Evidence on Preschool“, by Shikha Dalmia & Lisa Snell (Wall Street Journal). Unflattering statistics from Georgia’s and Oklahoma’s preschools. The last line of the article suggests the authors have a political agenda, but still the findings merit thought.
  2. Why Public Schools Should Teach the Bible“, by Roma Downey & Mark Brunett (Wall Street Journal). A pitch to include the Bible on school reading lists in the “literature” column. While doing say may not contravene the First Amendment, it would almost surely lead to heated debates between non-Christian and Christian students over the “mythical stories” or “divine revelation”. Maybe, under expert moderating, such debates wouldn’t be a bad thing (then again, this article appears in the same paper that suggests our public schools are inept — so should we really expect “expert moderating”?); maybe such debates are exactly what the authors want?