Read — 2013/04/04

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Korean Roulette” (The Economist). A prospective on the latest rhetoric from North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, and how to respond.
  2. Multiplying the Old Divisions of Class in Britain“, by Sarah Lyall (NY Times). From three to seven — Britain’s new class system is defined by money, social connections, and cultural capital.
  3. The Seat of Power“, by Ruth La Ferla (NY Times). Training the spotlight on a fashion critic rarely in the spotlight: Bridget Foley of Women’s Wear Daily.
  4. Martin Luther King Is Slain in Memphis; A White Is Suspected; Johnson Urges Calm“, by Earl Caldwell (NY Times, 5 Apr 1968).

Happy (official) birthday Los Angeles!