Read — 2013/04/06

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. What If Extinction Is Not Forever?“, by Jacob S. Sherkow & Henry T. Greely (Science). An reader-friendly discussion of three approaches to “de-extinction”: back-breeding, cloning, and genetic engineering. The authors close with the statement “We think it [de-extinction] will happen. The most interesting and important question is how humanity will deal with it.”
  2. Neural Decoding of Visual Imagery During Sleep“, by T. Horikawa, M. Tamaki, Y. Miyawaki, & Y. Kamitani (Science). Piecing together the plot of a dream (sort of) from fMRIs.
  3. Judge Strikes Down Age Limits on Morning-After Pill“, by Pam Belluck (NY Times). Politics sullies social decisions.

Happy birthday the modern Olympics! And from Friday’s news:

  1. Essay-Grading Software Offers Professors a Break“, by John Markoff (NY Times). The announcement that EdX will make automated essay-grading software available free of charge to institutions ignites a powder keg of debate.
  2. The Practical University“, by David Brooks (NY Times). M Brooks donates his two cents to the online education discussion, distinguishing between technical and practical knowledge. You determine the going exchange rate for a Brooks cent.
  3. A Critic for the Common Man“, by Douglas Martin (NY Times). A eulogy for the film critic Roger Ebert.
  4. The Sane Women Behind the Unraveling men“, by Alessandra Stanley (NY Times). Watch the brief video to bring yourself up to speed (a blur in rapidity and detail) on what went down in Season 5.