Read — 2013/04/24

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. In Hard Times, Open Dissent and Repression Rise in Vietnam“, by Thomas Fuller (NY Times). “Dissent is flourishing, but at the same time, so is repression”.
  2. Why Tim Cook Is Like Steve Ballmer“, by Nick Wingfield (NY Times). Seemingly healthy companies stuck in “investor purgatory”.
  3. A Health Provider Finds Success in Keeping Hospital Beds Empty“, by Annie Lowrey (NY Times). “Accountable care” programs use financial targets and incentives to hospitals and doctors to contain health-care costs costs. A key development in controlling costs, or HMO 2.0?
  4. The Young Salinger, Mordant Yet Hopeful“, by Dave Itzkoff (NY Times). Speaking of the costs of health care…the costs of health care bring nine revealing letters from a young J.D. Salinger to light. Insight into the life and self-prospects of an aspiring author: “It will doubtless tear the country’s heart out, and return the thing a far richer organ. (I’ll probably fail completely with it.)”

Happy birthday to the Library of Congress!