Read — 2013/04/25

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Possible Fed Successor Has Admirers and Foes“, by Binyamin Appelbaum (NY Times). Janet Yellen, Vice Chair of the Board of Governers of the Federal Reserve, finds the spotlight as “Most Likely to Replace Bernanke” in 2014. Said former Chairman Alan Greenspan, “she articulates her position in a way that you can follow it analytically”; however, some financiers are chary of her commitment to low inflation.
  2. Joint Effort Seeks Drugs for Autism“, by Katie Thomas (NY Times). UCLA is to lead a $9 “Fast Fail” program for autism drugs. According to the article, “one in 50 children aged 6 to 17 ha[ve] been found to have autism or a related disorder”.
  3. Learning from China, but What?“, by Yu Hua (NY Times). Chinese author Yu Hua pooh-poohs the recent Schwartzman Scholars announcement, seeming to favor the response “Now we teach them”. Another response to the Qing dynasty joke: Rather than breaking a perfectly good bamboo pole in two, perhaps the visitor can solicit the help of one of the natives of the city to carry the pole through the gate like a train through a tunnel.
  4. Despair Drives Guantánamo Detainees to Revolt“, by Charlie Savage (NY Times). A delicate situation indeed, and proof of the power of hope (or lack thereof). 93 of Guantánamo’s 166 prisoners are participating in a hunger strike, some being force-fed through nasal tubes to keep them alive. Intelligence agencies report that 16% of released detainees where confirmed to have taken part in terrorist activities post release, and another 11% suspected of having done so. (One wonders what qualifies as “taking part” and “terrorist activities”.)
  5. Energy” (NY Times). Not an article, but a gateway to several articles on the future of energy.

Happy birthday to Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Wolfgang Pauli, and Ella Fitzgerald!