Read — 2013/04/26

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Health Chaos Ahead“, by David Brooks (NY Times). “[T]he clear majority [of health-care experts]…believe that we’re probably in for a few years of shambolic messiness, during which time everybody will scramble and adjust, and eventually we will settle down to a new normal”. Brooks prophesies of various “cascades”: structural, technical, cost, adverse-selection, and provider-concentration.
  2. Looking at Facebook’s Friend and Relationship Status through Big Data“, by Nick Bilton (NY Times). A few findings about friends, boy/girl friends, and marriage.
  3. Judging ‘Gatsby’ by Its Cover(s)“, by Julie Bosman (NY Times). Art deco vs DiCaprio: Round 1. Fight!
  4. Soviet Announces Nuclear Accident at Electric Plant“, by Serge Schmemann (NY Times, 28 Apr 1986). Remembering the tragedy of Chernobyl.