Read — 2013/06/18

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Obama Defends Authorization of Surveillance Programs“, by Peter Baker (NY Times). The president sets out to allay concern about the recently leaked media-surveillance program and focus public attention on terror averted.
  2. Firebrand for Science, and Big Man on Campus: On TV and the Lecture Circuit, Bill Nye Aims to Change the World“, by John Schwartz (NY Times). Ever an active advocate for extending scientific knowledge, Bill Nye (the Science Guy) tackles scientific ignorance head-on. Interesting historical tidbits: Nye studied mechanical engineering at Cornell before working at Boeing, and he did some stand-up comedy before hitting big on TV. He draws praise (for his outspoken science) from such folks as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Phil Plait (author of the Bad Astronomy blog on Slate).
  3. Beyond the Brain“, by David Brooks (NY Times). A serendipitous counterpoint to the article on Bill Nye, Brooks argues that (neuro)science will never explain the mind. For a fitting counterpoint to this counterpoint, check out Dr. Paul Bloom’s Introduction to Psychology on Open Yale Courses.