Read — 2013/10/21

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Why Is the Liquidity Trap“, by R.A. (The Economist). An argument for higher US inflation targets — and a change in Dr. Krugman’s modus operandi. Bets on which will change first?
  2. Yes, Economics Is a Science“, by Raj Chetty (NY Times). It is disturbing that Dr. Chetty seems to seriously feel that economics is summarily dismissed. More interesting is his view that economic theory is becoming more “testable”, or at least more tested. If emphasis within the field encourages this union between theoretical advancements and empirical tests, perhaps Dr. Chetty will feel less compelled to write a follow-up article (on this topic) five years hence.
  3. Contractors See Weeks of Work on Health Site“, by Sharon LaFraniere, Ian Austen, & Robert Pear (NY Times). Implementation woes and government bungling of coordination and communication mar health care reform.
  4. An Industry of Mediocrity“, by Bill Keller (NY Times). Teacher-training programs are springing up outside the classical ivy-grown university walls. Among their clarion call: make teacher programs more selective; emphasize study of the material, not just the methods; have longer periods of active mentorship for new teachers.