Read — 2013/11/19

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Toy Story“, by Bill Keller (NY Times). Innovation, immigration, and future generations of young Americans.
  2. Princeton University Considers Use of Foreign Meningitis Vaccine“, by Vivian Yee (NY Times). Heard on (another) college campus: “You may have gotten into Princeton, but at least I can still kiss my boyfriend.”
  3. Developing a Fax Machine to Copy Life on Mars“, by Andrew Pollack (NY Times).
  4. Pressure Builds to Finish Volcker Rule on Wall Street Oversight“, by Peter Eavis & Ben Protess (NY Times).
  5. Suzanne Bianchi, 61, Who Analyzed Family Time, Dies“, by Paul Vitello (NY Times).
  6. The Shame of American Health Care“, by the Editorial Board (NY Times).
  7. Experts Reshape Treatment Guide for Cholesterol“, by Gina Kolata (NY Times).
  8. China to Ease Longtime Policy of One-Child Limit“, by Chris Buckley (NY Times).