(Should Have) Read

by shwolff

An assorted collection of articles from the recent (and perhaps not-so-recent) past (read — excuse the pun — I finally cleaned out my inbox):

  1. Vogue Fashion Fund: Where No Designer Is Left Behind“, by Eric Wilson (NY Times).
  2. Under Health Care Act, Millions Eligible for Free Policies“, by Reed Abelson & Katie Thomas (NY Times).
  3. The Power of Patience“, by Jennifer Roberts (Harvard Magazine).
  4. Marc Jacobs Packing His Louis Vuitoon Bags after 16 Years“, by Eric Wilson (NY Times).
  5. In Surprise, Fed Decides to Maintain Pace of Stimulus“, by Binyamin Appelbaum (NY Times).
  6. Summers Pulls Name from Consideration for Fed Chief“, by Annie Lowrey & Binyamin Appelbaum (NY Times).
  7. Where Has HPCs Math Gone?“, by Gary Johnson (HPC Wire).
  8. How a Single Picture Can Make You Famous in China“, by Thorsten Pattberg (Big Think). Young gentlemen need not apply.
  9. The Gates of Harvard Yard” (Harvard Magazine).
  10. For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall“, by Jason DeParle (NY Times).
  11. The Joy of Dirt” (The Economist).
  12. What Does the Way You Walk Say about You?“, by Cindi May (Scientific American).
  13. How Bernanke Pulled the Fed His Way“, by Jon Hilsenrath (Wall Street Journal).