A brief gallivant about the marketplace of ideas.

Month: January, 2014

Read — 2014/01/22

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Yale Students Tangle with University over Website“, by Ariel Kaminer (NY Times).
  2. Who Will Win the Foreign Language Oscar” (video), by Natalia V. Osipova and Larry Rother (NY Times).
  3. High Court Rules Abortions Legal the First 3 Months“, by Warren Weaver, Jr. (NY Times, 23 Jan 1973).
  4. Where in the World You Can Find the Best Schools — and the Happiest Kids“, by Jake Levy (BuzzFeed).

Read — 2014/01/07

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. L’université française, un tremplin pour l’entreprise“, par Nathalie Brafman et Isabelle Rey-Lefebvre (Le Monde).
  2. What’s Wrong with the Teenage Mind?“, by Alison Gopnik (Wall Street Journal). An explanation of teenage weirdness based on the relative timing of cognitive systems, ending with a promotion of hands-on apprenticeship over abstract learning.