Read — 2014/05/06

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. “Met Gala 2014” (Vogue). Slide shows featuring “The Best-Dressed Celebrities” (by Chloe Malle), “The 28 Best Beauty Looks” (by Catherine Piercy), and “The Best Fashion Trends” (by Chioma Nnadi).
  2. Revenge of the Tiger Mother“, by N.L. (The Economist). Work ethic trumps affluence and ability.
  3. Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital’, Summarised in Four Paragraphs“, by R.A. (The Economist). How about just a single equation: r > g, where r denotes the rate of return to wealth and g denotes the economic growth rate.
  4. Polio’s Return after near Eradication Prompts a Global Health Warning“, by Donald G. McNeil, Jr. (NY Times). Troubling outbreaks in Afghanistan (from Pakistan), Iraq (from Syria), and Equatorial Guinea (from Cameroon) threaten the goal of eradication.
  5. Mortality Drop Seen to Follow ’06 Health Law“, by Sabrina Tavernise (NY Times).
  6. High-Tech Push Has Board Games Rolling Again“, by Nick Wingfield (NY Times). Online venture capital helps put the board back in the gameroom.
  7. Spreading the A.P. Gospel to Nurture Scientists and Engineers“, by Kenneth Chang (NY Times). Nonprofit National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) brings teaching, training, and incentives to promote A.P. courses and tests in struggling high schools.
  8. The Streamlined Life“, by David Brooks (NY Times). Less homework, rampant grade inflation, and success defined by one’s CV and finances. M Brooks reviews the UCLA college-freshman surveys.