Read — 2014/05/08

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Scientists Add Letters to DNA’s Alphabet, Raising Hope and Fear“, by Andrew Pollack (NY Times). The exclusive quartet A,T,C,G makes room for a new, synthetic pair — imaginatively named X,Y.
  2. Thai Prime Minister Ordered Removed from Office“, by Thomas Fuller (NY Times). Thailand’s Constitutional Court removed Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, elected in July 2011. Ms Yingluck is the third prime minister ousted by the court since 2006. One Thai academic called the decision “total nonsense”. Note the general relevance to debates about “the crusading role of the courts”.
  3. The Unlikely Ascent of Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Founder“, by Neil Gough & Alexandra Stevenson (NY Times). Mr Ma comes across as a focused, charismatic autocrat. I was happy to read about his donations to initiatives in the environment, medicine, and education; I was less happy to read his comments about war and Tiananmen Square.
  4. In College, Nurturing Matters“, by Charles M Blow (NY Times). All six questions in the Gallup-Purdue study boil down to a similar essence: promoting founded self-confidence. Viewed in this light, it’s no surprise that a student who was encouraged and discovered that “Yes, I can do this!” in college indeed does things after graduation.
  5. Blake Lively on Her Met Gala Beauty and Gucci’s New Chime for Change Initiaive“, by Emily Holt (Vogue). I will totally take Mrs Lively up on her offer to talk about chocolate chip cookies.
  6. Ora et Canta“, by Sherrie Voss Mathews (Rice Magazine). A charming story of a young woman who followed her heart, worked hard, and never stopped trusting in providence.