Read — 2014/05/15

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Privacy Group Challenges Surveillance Practices in Britain“, by Mark Scott (NY Times). “The case follows revelations that Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, or G.C.H.Q., developed so-called malware that allowed the government to turn on computer microphones and cameras without the owners’ consent.” Whoah.
  2. To Dream in Different Cultures“, by T.M. Luhrmann (NY Times). “Thanks to these continuous disruptions [in sleep]…dreams spill into wakefulness and wakefulness into dreams in a way that entangles them both.”
  3. Red Velvet Cake: From Gimmick to American Classic“, by Kim Severson (NY Times). A brief history of time…in Red Velvet Cake World.
  4. An Inconvenient Truth about Our Food“, by Mark Bittman (NY Times). “The problem at hand, of course, is the standard American diet”.