Read — 2014/05/16

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Hollywood vs. Cannes“, by Alessandra Codinha (Vogue).
  2. 7 Women Share What Motivates Their Workouts“, by Mackenzie Wagoner (Vogue). The sampler of motivational phrases includes “I actually enjoy working out”, “No half-assing if I want a good ass”, and “Bikinis equals motivation”
  3. The 10 Commandments of Typography“, by Evan Brown (DesignMantic). Thanks to KL for the reference.
  4. Raw Wood Sings“, by Laura Levis (Harvard Magazine). Spotlight on Bob Childs, violinmaker. “They say there are two things in the world that have completed their evolution — one of them is the redwood tree, and the other is the violin.”
  5. Backing the Big Bang“, by Alvin Powell (Harvard Gazette). A vintage article on the polarization pattern in the cosmic microwave background detected by BICEP2 and reported in March 2014.