Read — 2014/05/25

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. In This Digital Age, Where Have All the Love Letters Gone?“, by Jami Attenberg (Vogue). Gone to hasty, orthographically challenged SMS, every one; oh when will they ever learn… Perhaps telling that I had to look up the acronym “SWAK”.
  2. How to Tie a Scarfy Like a Parisienne“, by Laird Borrelli-Persson (Vogue).
  3. The ancient roots of the 1%“, by Heather Pringle (Science). “[I]t is the ownership of small, resource-rich areas — and the ease of bestowing them on descendants — that fosters inequality”
  4. Tracking who climbs up — and who falls down — the ladder“, by Jeffrey Mervis (Science).
  5. Inequality in the long run“, by Thomas Piketty & Emmanuel Saez (Science).
  6. Blockbuster claim could collapse in a cloud of dust“, by Adrian Cho (Science). The microwave-polarization pattern detected by BICEP2 and attributed to CMB may arise from cosmic dust within our galaxy.
  7. Lamarck was partially right — and that is good for corals“, by C. Mark Eakin (Science).
  8. Testing gauge/gravity duality on a quantum black hole“, by Juan Maldacena (Science).
  9. Why octopuses don’t get tied in knots“, by NA (Science). How to evade an octopus attack: slather yourself in the attacker’s skin.