Read — 2014/05/29

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Google Releases Employee Data, Illustrating Tech’s Diversity Challenge“, by Claire Cain Miller (NY Times).
  2. The Soylent Revolution Will Not Be Pleasurable“, by Farhad Manjoo (NY Times). “Soylent’s creators have forgotten a basic ingredient found in successful tech products, not to mention in most good foods. That ingredient is delight.”
  3. Leader of the French Far Right Hopes to Fix Europe from the Inside“, by Andrew Higgins (NY Times).
  4. Efforts to Curb College Costs Face Resistance“, by Josh Mitchell (Wall Street Journal).
  5. 10 Fashion School Grads Making Waves Now, by Ally Betker (Vogue).
  6. C’est la fin du discours multiculturaliste en France“, by Olivier Roy (Le Monde).

Spotlights on Harvard’s Commencement Week activities:

  1. Sheryl Sandberg Preaches the Value of Honesty” (Harvard Magazine). As noted in the article, a video of Sandberg’s full address can be viewed on YouTube. Among my favorite remarks: “Eventually needs to become immediately” and “Done is better than perfect”.
  2. Harvard Baccalaureate 2014: ‘Face Outward’” (Harvard Magazine). Breaking good versus Breaking Bad: In a bizarre twist worthy of the show, a major figure in higher education remarks, “You [students] called for a moral as well as an intellectual education”.
  3. Salman Khan: ‘Surrender Your Individual Ego’” (Harvard Magazine). Leaders “don’t assume the current reality is a given.” Amen.

Also, an amusing quote from Gerard Baker’s “The 10-Point” (Wall Street Journal):

Mr. Buffet has been no friend of airlines ever since he was disappointed by a US Airways investment in the 1980s and famously declared that if a capitalist had been present at Kitty Hawk, “he would have done his successors a huge favor by shooting Orville down.”