Read — 2014/05/30

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. BNP : tout comprendre à la menace américaine d’une amende record“, par Diane Jean, Jonathan Parienté & Maxime Vaudano (Le Monde).
  2. Justice Department Seeks More than $10 Billion Penalty from BNP Paribas“, by Devlin Barrett, David Enrich & Christopher M. Matthews (Wall Street Journal).
  3. SpaceX Reveals Manned Capsule Intended to Serve Space Station“, by Andy Pasztor (Wall Street Journal).
  4. Abbas Seeks a New Government that Would Seal Alliance with Hamas“, by Isabel Kershner (NY Times).
  5. To Young Minds of Today, Harvard Is the Stanford of the East“, by Richard Pérez-Peña (NY Times). I objected to the very first sentence of this article: “In academia, where brand reputation is everything,…” No. Reputation is everything if you’re looking to parlay your education into money for money’s sake. In that case I would contend you are pursuing education for the wrong reason. Mr. Pérez-Peña would do well to remind himself of the motto of the Stanford of the East. More insightful comments in the article include “in particularly contemporary measures, like excellence in computer science, engineering and technology, Harvard could find much to emulate” in Stanford.
  6. That’s where the money is” (The Economist). The article’s tagline: “How to hand over $272 billion a year to criminals”. But hey, it’s America, where anyone, even criminals, can strike it rich if they’re willing to work hard enough! Note that the $272b figure is an upper estimate.
  7. Ancient leaves tattle on insects“, by Laura M. Zahn (Science). Types of leaf damage serve as a valid proxy for insect diversity.
  8. Clues from the resilient“, by Stephen H. Friend & Eric E. Schadt (Science). “The Andromeda Strain“, anyone?
  9. Transcription takes a pause to consider“, by Guy Riddihough (Science).
  10. Science Podcast: 30 May Show” (Science).
  11. The importance of authentic science on screen“, by Dov Greenbaum (Science).