Read — 2014/06/16

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Starbucks to Provide Free College Education to Thousands of Workers“, by Richard Pérez-Peña (NY Times). According to the article, any Starbucks employee working at least 20 hours a week and adequate grades and test scores is eligible for tuition subsidy, up to 100%.
  2. Amid Stratospheric Valuations, Google Unearths a Deal with Skybox“, by Christopher Mims (Wall Street Journal).
  3. Les grévistes de la SNCF: «On tente de nous diaboliser»“, par François Béguin (Le Monde).
  4. A ball fit for Brazil“, by N.V. (The Economist). The science behind the “ball” in football.
  5. How I Fell for the World Cup“, by Megan O’Grady (Vogue).