Read — 2014/06/17

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. U.S., Iran Discuss Crisis in Iraq“, by Laurence Norman & Jay Solomon (Wall Street Journal).
  2. U.S. Is Exploring Talks with Iran on Crisis in Iraq“, by Michael R. Gordon & David E. Sanger (NY Times).
  3. How and Why to Ban the Silent Treatment from Your Relationship“, by Elizabeth Bernstein (Wall Street Journal). Breaking and avoiding the pernicious “demand-withdraw” cycle.
  4. Jonathan Ive on Apple’s Design Process and Product Philosophy“, by Brian X. Chen & Matt Richtel (NY Times). “Deep in the culture of Apple is this sense and understanding of design, developing and making. Form and the material and process — they are beautifully intertwined — completely connected.”
  5. The Structures of Growth“, by David Brooks (NY Times). A shallow article on the fascinating topic of expertise development, inspired by a post “Two Types of Growth” by Scott H Young. For more scholarly discussions, see the chapter titled “The OK Plateau” in Josh Foer’s book Moonwalking with Einstein, the video of Foer’s 2011 talk on the topic, or research by K. Anders Ericsson.
  6. Thomas Müller’s hat-trick and Pepe’s petulance sink bedraggled Portugal“, by Paul Wilson (The Guardian). In two words, “Portuguese disintegration”. Wilson also finds the perfect phrase for Pepe’s red card: “although it would hardly have been recognised as a headbutt on most streetcorners, Pepe clearly had to go”.
  7. Disruptive Genius“, by Craig Lambert (Harvard Magazine). Sustaining vs disruptive technologies. How to spot a disruptor? Keep your eyes out for “cheaper, simpler, smaller, and, frequently, more convenient to use” products. Then adjust your long-term investment strategy appropriately.
  8. Read Your Way to Fenway. Summer program sponsored by the Boston Public Library to encourage “Boston youth ages 5-17” to read. Great idea; even better if BPL raffled off multiple sets of three tickets.