Read — 2014/06/19

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Premiums Rise at Big Insurers, Fall at Small Rivals Under Health Law“, by Louise Radnofsky (Wall Street Journal).
  2. Mormons Say Critical Online Comments Draw Threats From Church“, by Laurie Goodstein (NY Times). How to define appropriate settings for and limits of church discipline (and group discipline more generally)?
  3. ‘No Body Talk’ Summer Camps“, by Alyson Krueger (NY Times). Another article raising questions about appropriate limits. Look, people, if your friend suddenly starts stacking on the pounds, be a good friend and talk to him about it. No talk about clothes? Goodbye, fashion. And try going a month without once telling your significant other that he or she looks good. Hint: Don’t — you may not still have an SO by the month’s end. Noticing and talking about physical appearance is not shallow. Physical appearance is an important part of the world around us and who we are. It only becomes shallow if you forget that there’s a whole other, infinitely more-fascinating inner world beneath any (human) exterior.
  4. The Next-Generation Fitness Bands“, by Molly Wood, Rebekah Fergusson, Vanessa Perez, & Melanie Ruiz (NY Times). According to Coach Wood, the LG Lifeband Touch and Samsung Gear Fit need more time with their technology trainers.
  5. The Modern Man: Suited and Hirsute“, by Guy Trebay (NY Times).
  6. Celebrating the Tomboys of Summer from Coco Chanel to Daria Werbowy“, by Laird Borrelli-Persson (Vogue).
  7. 12 Statement Sunglasses Guaranteed to Turns Heads This Summer“, by Liana Satenstein (Vogue).
  8. Mighty Spain Goes Out of the World Cup Meekly“, by Juliet Macur (NY Times). If Spain’s 1-5 showing against the Dutch wasn’t bad enough, try 0-2 against Chile. “Adios ‘Spaña” indeed.
  9. Mondial 2014: le spray, la nouvelle arme de l’homme en noir“, par Robin Andraca (NY Times).