Read — 2014/06/20

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. I Was a Digital Best Seller!“, by Tony Horwitz (NY Times). One author’s experience with the “new media and technology”.
  2. The Corporate Daddy“, by Timothy Egan (NY Times).
  3. How far can Amazon go?” (The Economist).
  4. Riding the rich, grey Chinese wave” (The Economist).
  5. Lupita Nyoung’o on Winning the Oscar, Becoming the Face of Lancôme, and Her First Cover of Vogue“, by Hamish Bowles (Vogue). A detailed article on her life and “breakout year”. “[I]t’s not about conforming to an already established idea of what is beautiful, and I like that.”
  6. How carrion and hooded crows defeat Linneaus’s curse“, by Peter de Knijff (Science).
  7. Quantum or not, controversial computer yields no speedup“, by Adrian Cho (Science).
  8. Solving the mystery of iodine uptake“, by Valda Vinson (Science). In its relationship with sodium, iodine is a (double) user.
  9. Gill-on-a-chip illuminates evolution“, by Guy Riddihough (Science). Mathematical models support that evolution has crafted optimally spaced lamellae in fish gills.