Read — 2014/06/30

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. BNP Paribas’s Looming U.S. Settlement to Cap Troublesome Period“, by David Gauthier-Villars, Christopher M. Matthews, & Noémie Bisserbe (Wall Street Journal). At issue are $30 billion in transactions that the French bank secretly concluded with Sudan and Iran, two countries blacklisted by the U.S.
  2. Inequality Is Not Inevitable“, by Joseph E. Stiglitz (NY Times). The preeminent economist Joseph Stiglitz blames American policies and politics for “ersatz capitalism”, asking “why is America one of the advanced countries where the life prospects of the young are most sharply determined by the income and education of their parents?”
  3. Au Japon, la remarque sexiste de trop“, par Sylvie Kauffmann (Le Monde).
  4. Avec le maestro Seiji Ozawa, dans son école suisse“, par Marie-Aude Roux (Le Monde). À Rolle, le retour d’un roi.
  5. China Resumes Control of Hong Kong, Concluding 156 Years of British Rule“, by Edward A. Gargan (NY Times, 01 Jul 1997). On this day, 1997. Writes the journalist 17 years ago, the transfer “ushered a time of uncertainty over whether China would honor its pledge to maintain Hong Kong’s way of life largely unaltered for the next 50 years”. Echo the words of the last colonial Governor Chris Patten:

    Hong Kong’s values are decent values. They are universal values. They are the values of the future in Asia as elsewhere, a future in which the happiest and the richest communities, and the most confident and the most stable too, will be those that best combine political liberty and economic freedom as we do today.