Read — 2014/07/01

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. China ‘baby hatch’ inundated with abandoned, disabled children“, by Connie Young (CNN). “Outside the [baby] hatch are prominently placed slogans condemning child abandonment”. Dr. Wang Zhenyao gives a spot-on critique of the current policy:

    If you don’t give up your child, then nobody will help you. But once you abandon your child, the government must take over.

  2. How to Deal With Other People’s Rude Behavior“, by Elizabeth Bernstein (Wall Street Journal). Good advice: Don’t take everything personally, look for how you can change. Bad advice: View other people’s behavior as uncontrollable. Very few things in life, especially social life, are uncontrollable. Never forget that.
  3. A Solar Show With Mixed Reviews“, by Kenneth Chang (NY Times). Says Dr. W. Dean Pesnell, “We’re getting better, and we argue. That’s how we do science.”
  4. The Language of Gamification — Short Glossary“, by Andrzej Marczewski (Business2Community). Exactly what the title says.