Read — 2014/07/06

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Power Struggles in Middle East Exploit Islam’s Ancient Sectarian Rift“, by David D. Kirkpatrick (NY Times). “Across the region…the resurgence of Sunni-Shiite sectarian hostilities has followed a similar pattern: The weakening of the old states leads anxious citizens to fall back on sectarian identity, while insecure rulers surround themselves with loyalists from their clans and denominations, systematically alienating others, often on sectarian lines.”
  2. Donors Give More When They Have a Sense of Belonging“, by Robert J. Shiller (NY Times). Research suggests, and Nobel laureate Dr. Shiller advocates, that a sense of ownership and options leads to greater philanthropy.
  3. Paying Employees to Stay, Not to Go“, by Steven Greenhouse & Stephanie Strom (NY Times). Says Boloco co-founder John Pepper, “If we really wanted our people to care about our culture and care about our customers, we had to show that we cared about them.” A similar story is told by the companies paying above minimum wage and covered in this article.
  4. Paris City Guide: Seven Spots to Visit Between Couture Shows“, by Mieke ten Have (Vogue).
  5. American Beauty: 30 Iconomic Models Made in the USA“, by Catherine Piercy (Vogue).