Read — 2014/07/07

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Sarkozy, Plagued by Accusations, Sees Left-Wing Plot to Destroy Him“, by Dan Bilefsky and Maïa de la Baume (NY Times). An aggressive legal campaign hamstrings Sarkozy’s chances at a 2017 presidential campaign.
  2. The Risks of Hospital Mergers“, by The Editorial Board (NY Times). Diminished hospital competition leads to higher health care prices.
  3. Our Mismeasured Economy“, by Lew Daly (NY Times). M Daly cites (1) government-funded consumption misclassified as private consumption, (2) ignored returns on public investment, (3) ignored benefits from regulation, and (4) ignored benefits from nonmarket capital (e.g., education).
  4. Time for U.S. Firms to Earn Stock Investors’ Faith“, by Alexandra Scaggs (Wall Street Journal). Investment managers interviewed for the article appear optimistic about immediate and especially medium-term profit growth.
  5. The problem isn’t America’s college. It’s America’s students.“, by Libby Nelson (Vox). Actually, the article argues that the problem is the baseline-free measure used to assess higher education: the focus should be on the change in educational level after versus before graduation (i.e. value added), not simply after.