Read — 2014/07/09

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Ground operations in Gaza ‘might become necessary’, Israeli official says“, by Diana Magnay, Ed Payny, & Josh Levs (CNN). Tensions mount along the Gaza strip as 40,000 Israeli reservists are called up.
  2. Probing Brain’s Depth, Trying to Aid Memory“, by Benedict Carey (NY Times). The U.S. Department of Defense directs $40 million toward direct brain recording, with hopes of treating traumatic brain injury (TBI). The hope is that electrodes implanted in the brain can act like thermostats of the brain’s electric activity.
  3. World Cup massacre“, by Jim Powell (The Guardian). Front pages from around the world following Brazil’s 1-7 embarrassment to Germany.
  4. Your Next Lesson: Zinfandel“, by Eric Asimov (NY Times).
  5. Repudiation Has Won” (NY Times, 9 July 1896). Blatherskite!