Read — 2014/07/11

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. U.S.-German relations fray over espionage allegations“, by Anton Troianovksi & Bertrand Benoit (Wall Street Journal).
  2. In U.S. data, a baffling contradiction“, by Floyd Norris (NY Times). How to reconcile a significantly contracting GDP with strong hiring.
  3. Google to tour Europe to discuss privacy“, by Mark Scott (NY Times). Starting as early as September 2014, “a group of executives and legal experts” will hold public meetings in “France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Britain and Italy”.
  4. Crack down on scientific fraudsters“, by Adam Marcus & Ivan Oransky (NY Times). A clarion for heavy penalties for fabrication.
  5. World Cup: soccer goes into attack mode“, by Matthew Futterman (Wall Street Journal). Better athletes and a relocation of action to the wings.
  6. Eating an apple a day improves women’s sex lives, study shows“, by Alice Philipson (The Telegraph).