Read — 2014/08/12

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Robin Williams, Oscar-winning comedian, dies at 63 in suspected suicide“, by Dave Itzkoff (NY Times). A great man, now departed.
  2. $11 billion later, high-speed rail is inching along“, by Ron Nixon (NY Times).
  3. Jeremy Denk’s piano lessons” (New Yorker). Encouraging “conscious attention” and “detail-oriented” practice — with artful use of hand-drawn smileys.
  4. Playing by heart, with or without a score“, by Anthony Tommasini (NY Times). Thanks a lot, Liszt. Less tongue-in-cheek, this remark from the article is spot-on:

    What matters, or should matter, is the quality of the music making, not the means by which an artist renders a fine performance.

  5. Studio Ghibli may no longer be making feature films“, by Lucy O’Brien (IGN). Studio Ghibli reassesses its future following the announced departure of founder Hayao Miyazaki.
  6. Lightning strikes: protection, inspection, and repair” (AERO Magazine).
  7.>To split or not to split: who pays for dinner on a date“, by Patricia Garcia (Vogue). Agree, or disagree?
    1. “[I]f someone is asking you out, they should handle [all] the arrangements for the evening.”
    2. “When you’re done with dinner and you’re waiting for the check and your date says it’s all taken care of — that’s so chic.”