Read — 2014/08/16

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Suicide, a crime of loneliness“, by Andrew Solomon (New Yorker). “[T]he overwhelming impression is one of sadness”.
  2. New iPhone: a sapphire screen and a higher cost“, by Daisuke Wakabayashi (Wall Street Journal). More scratch-resistant, crack-resistant,…and expensive.
  3. We may be one step closer to a cure for jet lag“, by Roya Wolverson (Quartz).
  4. The next sultan?” (The Economist). Recep Tayyip Erdogan wins his ninth consecutive presidential victory.
  5. Justice for jocks” (The Economist). A critical look at college sports in America.
  6. This app will change the way you shop forever“, by Alexandra Macon (Vogue). Feed updates aren’t for everyone, but still a value-generating concept. Buyer beware: Just because something is easy to buy doesn’t mean you should buy it!
  7. Who’s your beauty muse? 16 Vogue editors share the inspiration behind their signature looks“, by Mackenzie Wagoner (Vogue).

And for reference, the homepage for an ultramarathon in Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido: the Lake Saroma ultramarathon. For those not into distance running (yet), the scenic views along the 100 km route can be enjoyed by all,–and, arguably, are more pleasantly enjoyed on bike. N.B.: Brush up on your Japanese, or keep Google Translate on standby, as the site appears to be in Japanese only.