Investing — 2015/02/28

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. energy-oil: “Get ready for $10 oil“, by A. Gary Shilling (Bloomberg View).
  2. HPQ: “H-P’s stock is no 2-for-1 bargain“, by Dan Gallagher (Wall Street Journal). An article advising cautious buy-in in the wake of H-P’s recent plunge.
  3. GOOG: “Astro Teller, Google’s ‘Captain of Moonshots’, on making profits at Google X“, by Conor Dougherty (NY Times).
  4. TSLA: “Elon Musk is designing a Tesla battery to power your home“, by John McDuling (Quartz).
  5. TSLA: “Analyst: The bullish case for Tesla has been debunked“, by Matthew Debord (Business Insider). BoA Merrill Lynch analyst John Lovallo cuts his target price for TSLA to $65 per share, claiming a drop in demand. You can follow the numbers at Inside EVs (note that Tesla’s monthly figures are estimates, as the company only releases quarterly delivery numbers).