Read — 2015/03/02

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. China’s monetary policy: elusive prudence“, by S.R. (The Economist).
  2. Apple’s new job: selling a smartwatch to an uninterested public“, by Brian X. Chen (NY Times). “Companies that make watch apps will probably play an important role in defining the purpose of the Apple Watch”, even as these companies hesitate to invest heavily in watch-app development because it seems less lucrative. Clearly the solution to all these issues is a holographic screen.
  3. An uneasy relationship between telecom and tech“, by Mark Scott (NY Times). A love-hate symbiosis between service and content providers.
  4. New book by Chao Center’s Ryang challenges readers to think about the food they eat“, by Jeff Falk (Rice News). Authenticity is delicious.