Read — 2015/03/05

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. At least one justice is in play as the Supreme Court hears Affordable Care Act case“, by Adam Liptak (NY Times). Reports of the courtroom banter reveal that the Justices have a sense of humor. But don’t hold your breath — a decision isn’t expected until June or July.
  2. Oldest human fossil unearthed in Ethiopia“, by Devin Powell ( The Ledi jaw, 2.8 million years old.
  3. Why you should stop eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner“, by Kiera Butler (Mother Jones). The best insight in the article comes in the final paragraph:

    Don’t eat when it’s time for a meal; eat when you feel hungry…teach ourselves to pay attention to our own bodies instead of our environment.

  4. Mary Cain is growing up fast“, by Elizabeth Weil (NY Times). Excellent blend of biography, mystery, and science. 1,500 metres in under four minutes, the central governor, and the irreversible dangers of “more-is-better” training philosophy and overtraining syndrome. Interesting observation in the article:

    Years of adaptation are required to make the body’s connective tissue and small stabilizer muscles in the legs, pelvis and back durable enough to withstand the older runner’s extreme mileage. It also requires experience to develop the ability to distinguish the kind of pain that is a necessary part of training and should be tolerated from the kind that signals incipient injury.

And in historical news on this day:

  1. Churchill assails Soviet policy“, by Harold B. Hinton (NY Times, 6 March 1946).