Science — 2015/03/06

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Einstein’s vision“, by Margaret Moerchen & Robert Coontz (Science). Introduction to the special issue of Science marking the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s paper on the general theory of relativity.
  2. Beyond general relativity“, by Michel Janssen (Science). Review of a book that illuminates Einstein’s approach to science, in particular the Solovine schema detailing the interplay between mathematical principles and empirical data.
  3. Statistics requantitates the central dogma“, by Jingyi Jessica Li & Mark D. Biggin (Science). The authors argue that (i) measures of protein and mRNA levels are subject to “substantial stochastic variation” and “reproducible biases” and (ii) transcriptional control has a greater impact on protein expression than translation.