Read — 2015/04/30

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Shrugging off slow growth, Fed predicts a rebound“, by Binyamin Appelbaum & Nelson D. Schwartz (NY Times). Initial estimates of US GDP growth in 2015 Q1 were reported at .2%. Job growth also slowed. Most economists predict a Fed interest-rate hike won’t occur before September.
  2. Nepal earthquake response challenges logistics experts“, by Paul Page (Wall Street Journal).
  3. Churches brace for same-sex marriage ruling“, by Tamara Audi (Wall Street Journal). Likening opponents of gay marriage to “first century Roman Christians” is, frankly, ludicrous imagined martyrdom — I have yet to see Americans being thrown to lions for their beliefs. Reverend Lino’s comment about a “holistic view” of marriage is more honest and insightful.
  4. Flashcards get smarter so you can, too“, by Sue Shellenbarger (Wall Street Journal). Big data meets small time.
  5. You suck at flirting“, by Nathan Siegel (OZY). Skip to the last paragraph. Know the signs, show some respect, and carpe diem.